directed by ROMÁN PARRADO


After the defeat in the Battle of the Ebro the Republican army is on the threshold of defeat. The republican population begins a massive escape to France and little by little the military, in an orderly or deserting way, is joining them. Nationals gain ground day by day and the fall of the Second Republic is expected imminent. 

That is why Guillem decides to abandon his Republican battalion and flee in search of his beloved Maria. They became boyfriends before the war began and now they have not seen each other for many months. The reunion is pure happiness, passion and sex, but the tranquility lasts only a few days: the national army is unstoppable and Guillem and Maria are forced to flee their home and leave, like many others, to France.

Pertegás, suitor – without any possibilities – of Maria while Guillem was in the front, will not assume that Maria flees with a failure like him, so he will start a life or death persecution after the couple.

The two, on their way to the border, know Antoni, a homosexual republican soldier fleeing national repression and the homophobia of the republican army. The three flee together to the border when they are surprised by a national squad that takes them prisoners. Guillem and Antoni are captured but Maria manages to escape. From here the two lovers take different paths, but with the same objective: “Whatever happens, we will meet in La Junquera and cross together to France.”



Genre:                       TV MOVIE
Genre:                       DRAMA
Duration:                  90
Nationality:             SPANISH
Formato:                   HD 2:35
Production year:    2019



Director:                     ROMÁN PARRADO  
Producer:                  .ORIOL MARCOS
Exec. Prod:                ORIOL SALA-PATAU & ESTHER DUEÑAS
Exec. Prod:                AGUS JIMÉNEZ
Asoc. Prod:               MIGUEL R. GONZÁLEZ & ROBERTO CAMPOS
Screenwriter:           EDUARD SOLA
DOP:                            ADRIÀ PASTOR
Art director:              MÓNICA BERNUY
Composer:                PEDRO PARDO
Editor:                         MANUEL TERCEÑO
Casting dir.:               ANNA GONZÁLEZ
Costumes:                 PAULA VENTURA & MARTA WAZINGER
Sound:                        ÈRIC ARAJOL
Assist. director:        ANA HERNANDO
Prod. manager:        IRENE PUIG & ALBERT PÉREZ



Maria:                         ROSER TAPIAS                
Guillem:                    MARCEL BORRÀS     
Antoni:                       JOAN AMARGÓS
Pertegàs:                  ÒSCAR MUÑOZ
Neus:                          MARTA AGUILAR
Ramón:                      MANUEL MORÓN
Asunción:                  MARIA ALFONSA ROSSO                                 
Joanet:                       IVAN BENET                     
Octavi:                       PAUL BERRONDO

Paula:                         ZOE STEIN                              
Victoria:                     LUCÍA ESTEBAN