directed by ÁLVARO CARMONA


In the second season of GENTE HABLANDO we return to six universal themes through conversations between two characters. The situations present original points of view that seek to generate a reflection, leaving the viewer to draw their own conclusions.

Is a funeral a way to honor the deceased or a simple business? To what extent does appearance define us as a person? Should we behave like an adult just because your age indicates that you are? “These are some of the questions that People Talking will answer …” is what we would say if this were another series, but no. Gente Hablando does not intend to give any answer, but to convey to the viewer the questions asked.

In the discussions of People Talking, nobody wins or loses; they are conversations in which both parties are right. It is simply a peephole through which the viewer can observe a private conversation between two people at a very specific time in their lives.



___ Format:                                 SERIES
___ Género:                                 COMEDY
___ Chapters:                              6

___ Duration:                               10′
___ Nationality:                          SPANISH
___ Production year:                2019
___ Release date:                      02/02/2020





Director:                               ÁLVARO CARMONA
Producer:                             ORIOL MARCOS
Prod. Atresmedia:             SONIA MARTÍNEZ & EMILIO SÁNCHEZ

Screenwriter:                      ÁLVARO CARMONA
DOP:                                       ROBERT C. CARRERA
Casting dir.:                         MIREIA JUÁREZ
Assistant director:             RUBÉN MOLINA

Hair/Makeup:                     PAULA ARÉVALO & LAURA FERNÁNDEZ
Art directors:                       MARTA ARCHILÉS & MARTA RIAÑO
Prod. manager:                   REINALDO LANCASTER
Sound:                                   NICOLÁS CÉLÉRY, ROGER NAVARRO, ROGER BLASCO,             __-_____________________-___CARLOS CUEVAS & BYRON ABADÍA                                                                                     



                                                 BERTO ROMERO                                    
                                                 PILAR BERGÉS
            __________________ MANOLO SOLO
            __________________ ANTONIO DURÁN “MORRIS”       
                                                 MARIOLA FUENTES                                      
                                                 LLUÍS VILLANUEVA                                       
                                                 MARÍA DE NATI                                         
                                                 GORKA OTXOA                                         
                                                 ÁLVARO CARMONA                                     
                                                 MIKI ESPARBÉ
                                                 RAÚL FERNÁNDEZ DE PABLO
            __________________  ITSASO ARANA